2016 Day Medalist — Donald B. Dingwell

Donald Dingwell

Donald B. Dingwell (Director of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, Germany) is the 2016 Arthur Louis Day Medallist of the Geological Society of America (GSA). The award text cited how Donald has applied the principles of physics and chemistry to offer the geological community a complete description of silicate liquids, glasses, and magmas. His diverse contributions to petrology, mineralogy, and geology have helped bridge the gap between “equilibrium” in largely static magma chambers, to dynamic systems in high disequilbrium, i.e. ones where magmas flow, fracture, erupt, and disperse. His dedicated efforts have illuminated a myriad of magmatic and volcanic phenomena, forming the basis for the new field of experimental volcanology.

The Day Medal recognizes outstanding distinction in the application of physics and chemistry to the solution of geologic problems. It is intended to inspire further effort and is, thus, awarded to geoscientists actively pursuing a research career. It is one of the highest honors in geosciences.

The medal was established in 1948 by Arthur Louis Day, the founding Director of the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington DC (USA). It has been awarded annually ever since.