v13n1 Supplement Biggs and Pritchard

Volcano Deformation Data (1900-2016) compiled by Juliet Biggs and Matthew Pritchard.

Supplement to the February 2017 (v13n1) issue of Elements.

Disclaimer: this table was not reviewed by Elements nor was the contents verified.


  • The table does not include anthropogenic deformation (e.g., related to pumping at geothermal power plants).
  • Deformation magnitudes indicate maximum and/or average displacements (horizontal or vertical for GPS, LOS in the case of InSAR, unless otherwise reported in the references), while the duration indicates the time (or best estimate of the time) that event took to unfold -- these durations are usually over-estimates because observations are not taken every second, and in a few cases we assume that the deformation is correlated with the duration of the eruption or seismic swarm which is less than the interval between observations.
  • Magnitudes are reported as a velocity per year, which is the maximum displacement divided by the duration in fraction of a year.
  • Deformation event may last for significantly less than an entire year. Deformation event is counted as being related to an eruption if there is an eruption during or immediately before/after the period of observation, or if the deformation is due to surface deposits.
  • 221 unique volcanoes are listed

Research referenced in the supplemental table

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