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For centuries, philosophers and scientists had proposed the existence of planets outside of our own Solar System. Yet, it wasn’t until late 20th century that scientists first confirmed the existence of exoplanets. How does one study planets that are thousands of light years away from Earth? Exoplanet studies are not purely within the domain of astrophysicists. As you will discover in the articles of this issue, exoplanet research requires an interdisciplinary approach. Along with astrophysicists, scientists and engineers from the geosciences, biosciences, and more are contributing to the identification and characterization of exoplanets. If you are unfamiliar with the topic of exoplanets, we encourage you to read the opening article by guest editors Oliver Shorttle, Natalie Hinkel, and Cayman Unterborn. There, they have provided an excellent overview of this rapidly growing and exciting area of our science.

John Eiler, Richard Harrison, Becky Lange and Jodi Rosso

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