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Executive Committee

Dan Frost

Cari Corrigan

Elements is published through the collaboration of 18 participating scientific societies. The Elements editorial team is responsible for the content and the day-to-day management of the magazine. The Elements Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the magazine through financial oversight, approval of editorial appointments, and facilitating a close working relationship between the editorial team and the participating societies.

The Elements Executive Committee consists of members appointed by their respective participating society. Current members of the committee are as follows (in alphabetical order by society): Ryan Noble (AAG), Katerina Dontsova (CMS), Klaus Mezger (DMG), Daniel Frost (EAG), Sasha Turchyn (GS), Alicia Cruz-Uribe (IAG), Orfan Shouakar-Stash (IAGC), Simon Jowitt (IAGOD), Ritsuro Miyawaki (JAMS), Catherine Corrigan (Met Soc), Heather Jamieson (MAC), Barb Dutrow (MSA), Mark Hodson (MSGBI), Marek Michalik (PTMIN), Blanca Bauluz (SEM), Sylvie Demouchy (SFMC), Costanza Bonadiman (SIMP), and Jörg Hermann (SGS).

The Chair of the Executive Committee is responsible for initiating, promoting, and summarizing discussions among members of the committee via e-mail or other means; for communicating with the Executive Editor when needed; and for coordinating an annual meeting with the Executive Editor and Principal Editors.

Daniel (Dan) Frost has been part of the Executive Committee since 2013 as the European Association of Geochemistry (EAG) representative. He has served as the Executive Committee Chair since 2015 and will be stepping down from the Chair position at the end of 2021.

Catherine (Cari) Corrigan was elected to be the next Chair and will begin her term of service in January 2022. Cari has represented the Meteoritical Society (Met Soc) since 2013 and is the editor for the CosmoElements column.

The editorial team greatly appreciates all the work that Dan has done on our behalf over the past 6 years. Thank you! And we look forward to working with Cari in the future.

John Eiler, Richard Harrison, Becky Lange, and Jodi Rosso


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