Marine Geochemistry

Climate change, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, marine “dead zones”… for better or worse, the Anthropocene is certainly proving to be an interesting time for marine science, and particularly for marine geochemistry. Add to this the advent of vast and vastly accessible information, as well as technological advances in analytics and computing, and you are left with a virtually endless potential for scientific inquiry. And certainly the field of marine geochemistry is growing in all directions, as researchers push the boundaries of the science. Marine geochemists can now measure how isotopes of elements found in the oceans at pico-molar levels vary across entire ocean basins, and model what this implies for global change over millennia past and those to come! Heady times to be a marine geochemist. More importantly, it is a critical time to teach and inspire the next generations of marine geochemists so that they may keep forging ahead. As such, Marine Geochemistry by Roy-Barman and Jeandel comes at an opportune moment.

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