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v15n1 From the Editors

With the start of 2019, John M. Eiler joins the Elements editorial team. He is taking on the role as our geochemistry principal editor.
There are so many more topics to feature in Elements. In March 2019, the editorial team will meet to evaluate proposals for inclusion in our lineup. We invite you to contact one of the Elements editors and submit a thematic proposal for consideration!

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Elements v11n2 — Supplemental Content

Movies/Animations Van Hunen J, Miller MS (2015) Elements 11: 119-124 Moresi L and Willis D (2015) Elements 11(2): online content only Tables Ducea MN, Paterson SR, DeCelles PG (2015) Elements 11: 99-104 Data Sources for Figures Paterson SR, Ducea MN (2015) Elements 11: 91-98 De Silva SL, Riggs NR, Barth AP (2015) Elements 11: 113-11

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v14n4 From the Editors

This issue of Elements is the first of its kind. It is the first of the field-based thematic issues that features a specific geographic region of particular geological interest. It is not an easy task to encapsulate a massive geographic region in 6 mini-review articles for a readership that represents a broad spectrum of scientific interests. Obviously, one can’t cover everything in a single issue of Elements, so what topics should be featured? This is a new avenue to explore and we welcome your feedback. We also share the Elements 2017 Impact Factor in this report.

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