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A Personal Perspective on Layered Intrusions

Last year (2016), when I spoke at the Geological Society of America’s Penrose Conference on “Layered Mafic Intrusions and Associated Economic Deposits” held in Red Lodge, Montana, I noted that I gave my first professional talk some 35 years ago. As a young researcher back then, I had thought that all the interesting questions in layered intrusions were soon to be solved, leaving little room for me to make a name for myself. I was wrong!

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What is Sustainability in the context of Mineral Deposits?

Sustainable development is a term that all too often has been hijacked within our society by politicians and business promoters eager to endorse their “green” credentials. Yet human society requires sustainable growth in order to continue. However, in the context of much of society’s mineral resources what does sustainability actually mean?

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Cultural Heritage – Beautiful Questions

Nobel Prize–winner Frank Wilczek’s new book A Beautiful Question (2015) is a contemplation on the natural beauty of the universe and how scientists and philosophers, as far back as the ancient Greeks of Pythagoras and Plato, have asked questions about the underlying symmetry that exists in nature. Wilczek calls discovering underlying symmetries “finding Nature’s deep design,” and he develops the theme to include very modern questions of science.

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