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Book Review — Earth’s Oldest Rocks (2nd Ed)

By | April, 2019

The Earth’s oldest rocks are those which formed in the time interval 3.0–4.0 billion years ago in the mid- to early Archaean Eon. Traces of anything even earlier, which would be from the Hadean (>4.0 billion years ago), are fragmental and preserved only in detrital zircon grains and in the isotopic memory of now long-extinct isotope systems. The time interval 3.0–4.0 billion years ago is a crucial stage in Earth history, for this is when the first continents formed, when life began, and was a time during which tectonic processes were quite different from modern (Phanerozoic) plate tectonics due to the different thermal state of the young Earth.

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Book Review — Encyclopedia of Geochemistry

By | April, 2019

The field of geochemistry has grown rapidly over the past few decades, driven by significant advances in new analytical techniques, theoretical calculations, laboratory experiments, and the development of geochemical databases. This impressive growth has been further accelerated by the urgent needs of almost all the Earth sciences that use geochemistry to find resources, mitigate environmental impacts, and decipher physico-chemical processes in the Earth and the solar system. The massive two-volume Encyclopedia of Geochemistry: A Comprehensive Reference Source on the Chemistry of the Earth, edited by William M. White, is, thus, very timely and highly relevant. It represents a comprehensive update on the 1999 version, which was edited by Clare P. Marshall and Rhodes W. Fairbridge.

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Book Review: The Role of Halogens in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Geochemical Processes

By | July, 2018

To expand your knowledge base, I strongly recommend reading The Role of Halogens in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Geochemical Processes (Springer, 2018). This remarkably comprehensive compilation of papers has been edited by Daniel E. Harlov (GFZ Potsdam, Germany) and Leonid Aranovich (IGEM RAS, Russia) and has opened my eyes to the many roles that halogens play in geochemical processes across a wide range of geologic environments. What makes this collection of papers unique is the diversity of subject matter, all focused on halogens, but with contributions from authors whose paths never likely cross at scientific meetings.

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Minerals: A Very Short Introduction

By | June, 2017

Minerals: A Very Short Introduction by David J. Vaughan is one of a series of over 400 volumes of “very short introductions” on a large variety of topics published by Oxford University Press. Begun in 1995, the volumes are meant to have an expert author present an introduction to a topic “for anyone wanting a stimulating and accessible way into a new subject”. This book certainly hits that mark and is a very effective introduction to mineralogy; indeed, the book should be required reading for the lay public and, particularly, for scientists outside of the broad discipline of mineralogy.

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RIMG 82: Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes

By | June, 2017

Thirteen years ago, in 2004, the book Geochemistry of Non-Traditional Isotopes [Volume 55 of the Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry (RiMG) series] was published. Since then, tremendous advances in multi-collector inductively coupled plasma (ICP) mass spectrometry has made the precise measurement of additional isotope systems possible. This, together with advances in the calculation of equilibrium isotope fractionation using ab initio methods, has led to an unbelievable increase of publications, making it hard for the interested reader to keep up. Therefore, the publication of Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes (RiMG 82) is highly welcome.

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Marine Geochemistry

By | April, 2017

Climate change, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, marine “dead zones”… for better or worse, the Anthropocene is certainly proving to be an interesting time for marine science, and particularly for marine geochemistry. Add to this the advent of vast and vastly accessible information, as well as technological advances in analytics and computing, and you are left with a virtually endless potential for scientific inquiry. And certainly the field of marine geochemistry is growing in all directions, as researchers push the boundaries of the science. Marine geochemists can now measure how isotopes of elements found in the oceans at pico-molar levels vary across entire ocean basins, and model what this implies for global change over millennia past and those to come! Heady times to be a marine geochemist. More importantly, it is a critical time to teach and inspire the next generations of marine geochemists so that they may keep forging ahead. As such, Marine Geochemistry by Roy-Barman and Jeandel comes at an opportune moment.

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Geochemical Modelling of Igneous Processes – Principles and Recipes in R language*

By | June, 2016

Over the past few decades, igneous petrology has gained great power because geochemical modeling can now be used to test geological hypotheses. Technological advances have led to an exponential increase in high-quality geochemical data for igneous rocks and minerals, which is being used to decipher processes in the Earth’s crust and upper mantle. Particularly powerful have been the use of trace elements and radiogenic isotopes. The abundant geochemical data on rocks has been supported by experimental studies, particularly on the behaviour of trace elements, such that we now have a rich database of well-­determined mineral–melt partition coefficients which are used in much of the modelling. Of course, our models are just that: geochemical modelling does not always have the ability to produce a unique solution to a geological problem. Nevertheless, modelling offers a powerful way by which to place limits on a range of possible geological processes.

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Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk

By | February, 2016

Major environmental challenges affecting human communities require geoscientists who are not only scientifically and technically trained but who recognize their broader commitment to society. With 800 million people at risk from volcanic activity around the world, and populations ever increasing, volcanologists are embracing a more integrative applied approach, which is necessary to understand the human dimensions of volcanic activity. This now extends beyond the few volcano observatories and government agencies previously tasked with this charge to include the academic community. The edited volume Global Volcanic Hazards and Risk presents a state-of-the-art assessment of the preparedness of the global scientific community and government agencies to manage large-scale volcanic hazards and risks. The book also highlights the broad collaboration that exists in the volcanological and associated communities, with over 130 scientists from 86 institutions in nearly 50 countries worldwide contributing to this publication.

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Atlas of Meteorites

By | December, 2015

The Atlas of Meteorites, by M. Grady, G. Pratesi, and V. Moggi Cecchi, is a beautifully illustrated volume that encompasses the detailed mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry of all of the major meteorite groups currently known. Recognizing the importance of textural information—as revealed by optical microscopy—the authors’ stated aim was to provide a textbook akin to An Atlas of Rock-Forming Minerals in Thin Section by W. S. MacKenzie and C. Guilford (1980; Longmans), in the hopes that it will do for meteorites what MacKenzie and Guilford did for understanding the petrology of rocks from Earth.

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Archived Book Reviews (PDF)


2015 Issues -- Volume 11

April 2015

Gianocarlo Della Ventura

"Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy - iBook Edition"

June 2015

Stephen Reidel

"Large Igneous Provinces"

June 2015

Pierrette Tremblay

"Dynamics of a Disaster"

August 2015

Pierrette Tremblay

"Introducing Mineralogy"

August 2015

Jordi Bruno

"Introduction to Carbon Capture and Sequestration"

August 2015

Steve P. McGrath

"Chemistry of Europe's Agricultural Soils"


October 2015

David J Vaughan

"Arsenic Environmental Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Microbiology"

October 2015

Mihály Pósfai

"Pyrite: A Natural History of Fools Gold"


2014 Issues -- Volume 10

April 2014

Robert C. Newton

"Metasomatism and the Chemical Transformation of Rock"

June 2014

Pierrette Tremblay

"Developing a Talent for Science"

August 2014

George R. Helz

"Oceans and Human Health"

August 2014

Benjamin Rondeau

"Geology of Gem Deposits"

August 2014

Jürg M. Matter

"Geochemistry of Geologic CO2 Sequestration"

October 2014

Mickey Gunter

A History of Geology and Medicine

October 2014

Jane A. Gilotti

"New Perspectives on the Caledonides"

December 2014

Gareth P. Hatch

"Critical Metals Handbook"

2013 Issues -- Volume 9

February 2013

Eduardo Garzanti

"Quantitative Mineralogy and Microanalysis in Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks"

April 2013

Fred M. Phillips

"Handbook of Environmental Geochemistry"

June 2013

Robert J. Bodnar

"Raman Spectroscopy"

June 2013

James I. Drever

"Water and Energy"

August 2013

Gilberto Artioli and Giuseppe Cruciani

"Applied Mineralogy of Cement and Concrete"

August 2013

Pierrette Tremblay

"Too Hot to Touch"

October 2013

Robert J. Finch

"Uranium: Cradle to Grave"

October 2013

Gordon E. Brown Jr.

"Environmental Mineralogy II"

December 2013

Michael F. Hochella Jr.

"Minerals at the Nanoscale"

2012 Issues -- Volume 8

February 2012

Pedro J. Jugo

"Sulfur in Magmas and Melts"

April 2012

John Ferry

"Frontiers in Geofluids"

April 2012

François Létourneau

"Le Cristal et ses Doubles"

April 2012

Pierrette Tremblay

"Eloquent Science"

June 2012

Carrick M. Eggleston

"Nature’s Nanostructures"

August 2012

Ian Parsons

"Granite Petrogenesis"

October 2012

Paul Schroeder

"Layered Mineral Structures"

December 2012

Kevin M. Rosso

"Rock-Forming Minerals"

December 2012

Rebecca A. Jamieson


2011 Issues -- Volume 7

February 2011

H. Catherine W. Skinner

"Introduction to Medical Geology"

February 2011

Robert F. Stallard

"Carbon and Water Cycles Amazon River
Basin Applied Biogeochemistry

April 2011

Tomas Feininger

"Igneous Rocks and Processes "

April 2011

William D. Carlson

"Diffusion in Minerals and Melts "

June 2011

Kurt Bucher

"Geochemistry of European Bottled Water"

June 2011

Karim Benzerara

"Nanoscopic Approaches in Earth and Planetary

August 2011

Jon Davidson

"Timescales of Magmatic Processes from Core to Atmosphere"

October 2011

Jordi Bruno

"Ion Partitioning in Ambient-Temperature Aqueous Systems"

December 2011

John Adams

"Advances in the
Characterization of Industrial Minerals

December 2011

Reto Gieré

"Atlas of Non-Silicate Minerals in Thin Section"

2010 Issues -- Volume 6

February 2010

D. Kirk Nordstrom

"Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Water-Rock Interaction"

February 2010

Jon Davidson

"Principles of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology"

April 2010

Lynda Williams

"SIMS in the Earth Sciences"

August 2010

Shantanu Keshav

"Metasomatism in Oceanic and Continental Lithospheric Mantle"

October 2010

Herbert Palme


October 2010

Björn Winkler

"Microscopic to Macroscopic: Atomic Environments to Mineral Thermodynamics"

2009 Issues -- Volume 5

February 2009

Mark Thiemens

"Oxygen in the Solar System"

February 2009

Robert M. Hazen

"The Evolution of Matter: From the Big Bang to the Present Day"

April 2009

Sorena Sorensen

"Atlas of Migmatites"

June 2009

Yann Lahaye

"Laser Ablation ICP_MS in the Earth Sciences: Current Practices and Outstanding Issues"

August 2009

Terry M. Seward

"Geochemical Kinetics"

August 2009

Michael A. Dungan

"Minerals, Inclusions and Volcanic Processes"

October 2009

Cin-Ty A. Lee

"Isotope Geology"

October 2009

Pierre Barbey

"Working with Migmatites"

December 2009

Pierrette Tremblay

"The Cambridge Handbook of Earth Science Data"

2008 Issues -- Volume 4

February 2008

Hap McSween

"Introduction to Planetary Science: The Geological Perspective"

February 2008

Theo C. Davies

"Medical Mineralogy and Geochemistry"

April 2008

David Vaughan

"Mineralogy and Optical Mineralogy"

April 2008

Lawrence M. Mayer

"Biogeochemistry of Estuaries"

June 2008

Cornelis (Kase) Klein

"Amphiboles: Crystal Chemistry, Occurrence, and Health Issues"

June 2008

Matthew J. Kohn

" Landmark Papers: Metamorphic Petrology"

August 2008

C. Michael B. Henderson

"Neutron Scattering in Earth Sciences"

August 2008

Patrick Haynes

"American Mineral Treasures"

October 2008

David Manning


December 2008

John Parnell

"Fluid-Fluid Interactions"

2007 Issues -- Volume 3

April 2007

Harvey E. Belkin

"Melt Inclusions in Plutonic Rocks"

April 2007

Stephan Klemme

"Water in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals"

June 2007

John Longhi

"New Views of the Moon"

June 2007

Pierrette Tremblay

"The Photo-Atlas of Minerals"

August 2007

Stephen J. Mojzsis

"Early Earth Systems – A Geochemical Approach"

October 2007

Emmanuel Fritsch

"Geology of Gem Deposits"

October 2007

Robert Bowell

"Sulfide Mineralogy and Geochemistry"

2006 Issues -- Volume 2

April 2006

Ethan Baxter

"Low-Temperature Thermochronology: Techniques, Interpretations, and Applications"

April 2006

Louis J. Cabri

"Exploration for Platinum-Group Element Deposits"

June 2006

Barry Bickmore

"Environmental Geochemistry -- Treatise on Geochemistry, Volume 9"

August 2006

Alain Baronnet

"Micro- and Mesoporous Mineral Phases"

August 2006

Tony Naldrett

"Mineral Deposits and Earth Evolution"

October 2006

Jean H. Bédard

"Plates, Plumes, and Paradigms"

October 2006

Henry L. Ehrlich

"Molecular Geomicrobiology"

October 2006

Pierrette Tremblay

"Ending in Ice – The Revolutionary Idea and Tragic Expedition of Alfred Wegener"

December 2006

Peter C. Burns

"Uncertainty Underground -- Yucca Mountain and the Nation's High-level Nuclear Waste"

2005 Issues -- Volume 1

January 2005

Dominique Weis and Jane Barling

"Non-traditional Stable Isotopes"

March 2005

Jean-Claude Petit

"Energy, Waste and the Environment: a Geochemical Perspective"

June 2005

Peter J. Mouginis-Mark

"Volcanic Worlds -- Exploring the Solar System’s Volcanoes"

September 2005

Mae Gustin

"Mercury -- Sources, Measurements, Cycles, and Effects"

December 2005

Alan E. Rubin

"A Color Atlas of Meteorites in Thin Section"

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