Life in Science

On Implementing a Workplace Cultural Survey

By and | April, 2017

In late 2015, our workplace ran a Workplace Cultural Survey. How hard could it be to ask a few questions and assess the answers? We were about to learn that unlike the Earth sciences, social science can be difficult and nuanced.

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An Editorial View on Publishing Articles

By and | April, 2016

Many of us submit manuscripts to journals, but few people act as Editors or Associate Editors. The goal of this article is to help demystify the editorial process and provide some general advice for authors. Dr. Norman is the Executive Editor for Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (GCA – a journal sponsored by the Geochemical Society and the Meteoritical Society) and Dr. King is a former Associate Editor for GCA.

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2015 Issues -- Volume 11

February 2015

Penny L. King, Rachel S. Kirby, Liane M. Loiselle, Leo R. Pure and Christian J. Renggli

"Suggestions for Applying for a Master's or PhD Degree"

August 2015

Penny L. King

"Reaching our Goals Effectively -- A Work in Progress"


2014 Issues -- Volume 10

June 2014

Penny L. King and Vickie Bennett

"Setting up or Renovating a Laboratory"


2013 Issues -- Volume 9

April 2013

Penny L. King

"Traveling for Work -- Lessons from the Mars Curiosity Rover"

August 2013

Nick Scroxton

"Maximizing an Early-Career Researcher's Exposure at Conferences: Poster or Oral Presentation?"

December 2013

Penny L. King

"Changing Research Direction in the Middle of an Academic Career"


2012 Issues -- Volume 8

April 2012

Penny King

"How to Run a Workshop"

August 2012

Penny King and Christopher Fulton

"Writing Your First Proposal"


2011 Issues -- Volume 7

June 2009

Penny L. King

"An Introduction to a Life in Science"

December 2009

Penny L. King

"Trying to Write, Instead of 'Trying not to Write'"