Mineral Matters (2005-2011 )

The Mineral Matters column presents discussions and updates on recent mineralogical studies that focus on or are relevant to the materials applications of minerals.  Also included are articles on mineral nomenclature.

Mineral Matters (PDF)


2021 Issues -- Volume 17

June 2021

Laurence N. Warr

"A Brief History of Mineral Symbols"

2011 Issues -- Volume 7

June 2011

Richard Harrison

"Future Challenges in the Mineral Sciences"

2010 Issues -- Volume 6

February 2010

Frédéric Hatert and Ernst A. J. Burke

"The IMA-CNMNC Dominant-Constituent Rule Revisited and Extended"

April 2010

Marco Pasero, Anthony R. Kampf, Cristiano
Ferraris, Igor V. Pekov, John Rakovan and Timothy J. White

"New Apatite Nomenclature"

October 2010

Michael D. Higgins and Dorian G.W. Smith

"A Census of Mineral Species"

2008 Issues -- Volume 4

April 2008

Ernst A.J. Burke

"The Use of Suffixes in Mineral Names"

2007 Issues -- Volume 3

February 2007

Ernst A.J. Burke

"Zircon in Technology and Everyday Life"

April 2007

Ernst A.J. Burke

"St. Amphibal: The Patron Saint of Mineralogy?

October 2007

Ernst A.J. Burke

"Missing Minerals"

2006 Issues -- Volume 2

February 2006

Robert F. Martin

"People Behind Mineral Names: Hubert Pulz, A Keen Observer and a Star Student"

2005 Issues -- Volume 1

March 2005

John Rakovan

"Li-Phosphate Minerals and Storage Batteries"

June 2005

Robert F. Martin

"People Behind Mineral Names: Vurroite, after Filippo Vurro"