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New Mineral Named in Honor of Barbara Dutrow

By | April, 2020

Professor Barbara L. Dutrow is the Gerald Cire and Lena Grand Williams Alumni Professor in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at Louisiana State University (USA) and she has been honored by having a newly discovered mineral species of the tourmaline group named after her: dutrowite.

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v15n4 People in the News

By | July, 2019

Professor Donald Bruce Dingwell, Director of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Munich (Germany), has been awarded the Volcanology and Igneous Petrology (VIP) Career Achievement Award from the Geological Association of Canada (GAC) for his lifelong contributions to volcanology and igneous petrology.

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v14n6 People in the News

By | December, 2018

AGU 2018 Fellows, ACA Buerger Award to Frank Hawthorne, and Geological Society of America 2018 Medal Awards

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2015 Issues -- Volume 11

April 2015

Obituary: Robert A. Berner, 1925-2015

New Executive Director at GSA

AGA Lifetime Achievement Award to Dona Dirlam

Georges Calas Inducted as RSC Foreign Fellow

June 2015

2015 Vetlesen Prize to Steve Sparks

Inaugural Gubelin Scholarship to Gemma Roberts

2014 AGU Fellows

August 2015

2014 Robert Wilheim Busen Medal to Chris Hawkseworth

2014 EMU Medal for Research Excellence Awarded to Encarnacion Ruiz-Agudo

Ian Swainson, Series Editor for RiMG

Geological Association of Canada Awards

August 2015

2015 IMA Medal to Rodney C. Ewing

October 2015

Earth Scientists Elected to the Academia Europaea


2014 Issues -- Volume 10

April 2014

Academia Europaea Recognizes Earth Scientists

Geological Association of Canada Awards

June 2014

Kim Tait Appointed the Inaugural Teck Chair in Mineralogy

Humbolt Foundation Awards

August 2014

2013 EMU Medal for Research Exellence to Diego Gatta

Tappi Leadership & Service Award and Dupont Soy Polymers Prize to Prakash B. Malla

Otto Schott Research Award to Don Dingwell

October 2014

Penrose Medal to Susan Kieffer

New Members Elected to the US National Academy of Sciences

December 2014

GSA MGPV Divison Career Achievement Award to Frederick Frey

EMU Medal for Research Excellence 2013 Awarded at IMA 2014

Dingwell Inducted into Acatech

2013 Issues -- Volume 9

February 2013

Robert A. Berner -- 2013 Benjamin Franklin Medal

J. William Schopf -- US National Academy of Sciences Award in Early Earth and Life Sciences

2012 AGU Fellows

April 2013

Kelly Deuerling First Recipient of AGI Wallace Scholarship

DOE Award for Best University Research to Hope Jahren and Brian Schubert

June 2013

New Members Elected to the US National Academy of Sciences

2013-2014 William L. Fisher Congressional Science Fellow -- Kristen Mitchell

August 2013

Earth Scientists Elected to the Academia Europaea

Shepard Medal to Gerold Wefer

October 2013

IMA Medal Awarded to Nick Sobolev

Collins Medal to Michael Brown

Hap McSween, President Elect of GSA

Order of Merit to Don Dingwell

December 2013

Geological Society of America Awards -- Day Medal, Donath Medal, 2013 Distinguished Geologic Career

2012 Issues -- Volume 8

February 2012

Ernst 80th Celebration

Michael Carpenter Elected President of Magdalene College

April 2012

National Academy of Sciences Honors Hap McSween

IMA Medal to David Green

Academia Europaea Recognizes Earth Scientists

June 2012

Marc Norman Incoming Executive Editor of GCA

James B. Macelwane Medal to Nicolas Duaphas

2011 AGU Fellows

August 2012

ENI Prize to Sherwood Collar

Brantley, Carlson, and Dove Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

October 2012

Allison MacFarlane to head the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Gordon Brown Honored by AGI

Honorary Doctorates for Donald Dingwell

December 2012

Geoscientists Appointed to the US Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

MacArthur Foundation Fellowship to Terry Plank

2011 Issues -- Volume 7

February 2011

2011 MSA Distinguished Public Service Medal to Jolyon Ralph

2011 Pinch Medal to Alf Olav Larsen

2010 AGU Fellows

June 2011

Jillian Banfield named  2011 North American Laureate

Alexandra Navrotsky elected to the American Philosophical Society (APS)

T. Mark Harrison -- New Member of the National Academy of Sciences

2011 Jaeger Medal to Ian Jackson

August 2011

Anthony E. Williams-Jones, Logan Medalist

John Ferry, 2011 Distinguished Geologic Career Awardee

Ed Stolper Elected Foreign Member of the Royal Society


October 2011

Rod Ewing on Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

Geological Society of America Awards

December 2011

Dingwell Named 3rd Secretary General of the European Research Council

Geochemical Journal  Awardees

2010 Issues -- Volume 6

April 2010

On the Cutting Edge wins Spore Prize

Eni Prize to François Morel

3M National Teaching Fellowship to Alan Morgan

June 2010

Alvin Van Valkenburg Award to Maik Lang

Dexter Perkings, North Dakota Professor of the Year

Obituary -- Eric Essene 1939-2010

August 2010

Roberta Rudnick Elected to National Academy of Sciences

EMU Silver Medal to Max Wilke

EGU 2010 Ralph Alger Bagnold Medal to Friedhelm von Blanckenburg

October 2010

Geochemical Journal Award for 2010 to Bau and Koschinsky

"Elements 5" Speakers at IMA 2010

December 2010

International Water Association Global Honor Award

Royal Society of Canada Recognizes Earth Scientists

2009 Issues -- Volume 5

February 2009

USGS Scientist Martin Goldhaber Receives Presidental Rank Award

Carl Sagan Medal to Jeff Taylor

April 2009

IAGC Elects First Two Fellows

Howie Receives Honorary Doctorate

June 2009

Lynn A. Boatner New Fellow of the Materials Research Society

High School Mineralogist wins Intel Talent Search Award

Frank Hawthorne Inducted into Russian Academy of Sciences

October 2009

2009 AGU VGP Fellows

EMU Research Excellence Medal to Anders Meibom

December 2009

Frank Hawthorne wins IMA Medal

Geological Society of America Awards

2008 Issues -- Volume 4

February 2008

EMU Award to Oganov

Ian Campbell Medal to Socolow

Catlos -- One of America's Young Innovators

April 2008

Obituary: Dr. John L. Jambor (1936-2008)

Frank Hawthorne, Officer of the Order of Canada

June 2008

Susan Solomon on Time magazine's 2008 List of World's 100 Most Influential People

Lowell Thomas Award to W. Berry Lyons

Peacock Medal to Kelly Russell

August 2008

2008 AGU VGP Fellows

Tim Drever Honored at the 2008 Goldschmidt Conference

October 2008

Balzan Prize for Science of Climate Change to Wallace S. Broeker

Inaugural IMA Medal to Charles T. Prewitt

Killiam Prize to Frank Hawthorne

Donald B. Dingwell name Chair of the Earth and Cosmic Sciences section of the Academia Europaea

December 2008

2008 Hans Bethe Award to Raymond Jeanloz

MSA Awards to Evans and Badro

Obituary: Professor Hitoshi Sakai

2007 Issues -- Volume 3

February 2007

Frost and Ernst Honored at 2006 MSA Awards Luncheon

Falko Langenhorst Awarded a 2007 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize

April 2007

Broecker Awarded 2006 Crafoord Prize in Geosciences

2007 MSA Distinguished Public Service Medal to Huizing

New AGU Fellows

June 2007

Ewing and Laverov: Lomonosov Gold Medalists for 2006

August 2007

 2007 AGU VGP Fellows

Helmholtz-Humboldt Research Award to Holly Stein

October 2007

Dingwell Elected Member of the Academia Europaea

Schiffries to Head GSA Office in Washington

Vernadsky Medal to Mackenzie

December 2007

Werner Schreyer Honored at the 17th V.M. Goldschmidt Conference

2006 Issues -- Volume 2

April 2006

Mezger Awarded Leibniz Prize

National Medal of Science to Clayton

Obituary: Alfred A. Levinson

August 2006

Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal to Richet

Ewing Receives Dana Medal

October 2006

New IMA Council

MAC Foundation Scholarship to Sasha Wilson

CSIRO Geoscientist Awarded Research Medal -- Ravi Anand

2005 Issues -- Volume 1

January 2005

John C. Jamieson Award to Jackson

Mineralogical Society of Japan Award to Murakami

March 2005

Leading Scientists Recognized at the 2004 MSA Awards Luncheon

Yong-Fei Zheng awarded the National Natural Science Award of China

Julie Roberge on the Outreach Path

June 2005

Dana Medal to Carlson

Waston is Goldschmidt Medalist

Clarke Medal to Van Orman

Bruland Awarded Patterson Medal

Bodnar Selected at SEG Distinguished Lecturer

Lopano, Bose, and Goeke Receive MSA Research Grants

December 2005

Balzan Prize to Hemley and Mao

CMS People in the News

Bodnar to Receive N.L. Bowen Award