Publish in Elements

Each year, Elements magazine publishes six thematic issues on subjects related to mineralogy, geochemistry, and petrology.

Thematic articles are invited and peer-reviewed contributions solicited by the Guest Editor(s). Read below for how to propose a thematic issue and become a Guest Editor.

Proposals are reviewed twice per year by the Elements Editorial Board. Accepted proposals are assigned a publication date and organized by the Guest Editor(s), an assigned Principal Editor from the Editorial Board, and the Managing Editorial Team.

Proposing a Thematic Issue

Would you like to read about a certain topic in Elements? Do you think your research area would make a great thematic issue? Let our editorial team know! Send us an email and/or submit a proposal.

Information for Guest Editors

As a Guest Editor, it is your responsibility to set the tone for the thematic issue. Along with one of our Principal Editors, you will oversee the writing and review process of the thematic content.

Your goal is to present topical content that is engaging and well written in order to introduce the Elements audience to this exciting area of the geosciences. Below are documents that provide important information and forms for coordinating a thematic issue of Elements.

Information for Authors

Are you preparing an article for an upcoming issue in Elements? The documents below provide important information and guidelines about how to write and structure your article.

Your goal is to write an article that is engaging and well written in order to introduce the Elements audience to an exciting area of the geosciences. You will be writing a magazine review article, not a research journal article. This could be the one and only time a reader is exposed to your science, so don't overwhelm them with jargon or details. 

Elements Open Access Policy

Elements offers both Green Open Access and Gold Open Access options. Read below for the important distinction between these two options.

OA_Green Green Open Access: As per the License to Publish agreement signed by the author(s), authors retain non-exclusive rights to reproduce the in whole or in part in any printed volume or online, for non commercial, educational or research purposes. Note that this is NOT the edited, proofread, and typeset version available at Elements or GeoScienceWorld. The “Accepted Manuscript” refers to the version of the manuscript that has been accepted for publication following peer review. Fee: free



Gold Open Access: Authors or their institutions can include or post the the article for which an author or institution pays the article processing fee immediately upon publication. This means the article in any version is posted and made available on another institution's website, presumably for free to anyone. Fee: US $4000 per article.

Click here for more information on Elements and MSA's self-archiving policies.