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Association of Applied Geochemists

 The Association of Applied ­Geochemists is an international organization founded in 1970 that specializes in the field of applied geochemistry. It aims to advance the science of geochem­istry as it relates to exploration and the environment, further the common interests of exploration geochemists, facilitate the acquisition and distribution of scientific knowledge, promote the exchange of information, and encourage research and development. AAG membership includes the AAG journal, Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, ­Analysis; the AAG newsletter, EXPLORE; and Elements.
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2019 Current News

Elements 2019, Volume 15, Society News Reports

February (v15n1)
April (v15n2)
June (v15n3)
August (v15n4)
October (v15n5)


2018 Volume 14
2017 Volume 13
2016 Volume 12
2015 Volume 11
2014 Volume 10
2013 Volume 9
2012 Volume 8
2011 Volume 7
2010 Volume 6
2009 Volume 5
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2007 Volume 3
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