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The Swiss Geological Society (SGG-SGS) was founded in 1882 and comprises specialist groups in geophysics, mineralogy and petrology, sedimentology, tectonics and paleontology. The society is part of the Swiss Academy of Sciences and promotes the advancement and dissemination of Earth Sciences in Switzerland. The society co-organizes the annual Swiss Geoscience Meeting (SGM) and publishes the Swiss Journal of Geosciences (SJG), that is now fully “open access”. Members receive discounts for publishing in the SJG and participating at the SGM.

The Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology (SSMP) was a participating member of Elements from 2009 to 2020. The SSMP (along with other societies from Switzerland) merged with the Swiss Geological Society.  In 2021, the Swiss Geological Society joined Elements.

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